Book talks

Upcoming talks

16 May 2022 – Invited talk on my book Media Distortions at Yonsei University’s Underwood International College. Seoul, South Korea.

Past talks

17 February 2022 – Invited talk about my book Media Distortions for the Centre Internet et Societe (CNRS), Paris, France.

23 February 2021The Oxford Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP) Global Media Policy Seminar.

3 February 2021 – This event is co-hosted by the Feminist and Accessible Publishing and Communications Technologies Speaker and Workshop Series (of the IGSF of McGill) and the Algorithmic Media Observatory (of Concordia University) and Machine Agencies. Montreal (of Reyson University), Canada.

19 January 2021 – New Directions in Sound studies group.

12 January 2021 – Haifa University’s Sociology department seminar series.

8 December 2020The British Sociology Association’s Digital Sociology Study Group in conversation about my book with Dr. Sheena MacRae. 

12 November 2020 – Communication and Media Research Institute seminar series, Westminster University. London, UK (online).

22 October 2020 – I gave a talk at MIT’s Comparative Media Studies about my new book Media Distortions, here’s the video.

Cancelled/postponed due to Corona virus :**( sniff

8 April – Rutgers University. New York City, USA.

9 AprilInternet Governance Lab, American University. Washington DC, USA.

10 AprilThe Deliberative Media Lab, University of Virginia. Charlottesville, Virginia, USA.

13 April – Department of Information Studies, University of California Los Angeles. Los Angeles, USA.

15 April – Postdoc lunch at AI Now. New York City, USA.

16 April – Research seminar at Data & Society. New York City, USA.

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